Civic education

• – Free lesson plans and games for learning civics. – Center for Civic Education.
• – Indiana University Center for Civic Literacy.

Research – Database searchable by topic or case; offers outstanding annotations of the Constitution. – Database searchable by cases, both current and historic, and topic; includes federal and state case law. – Excellent site to search by title or topic; one-page case summaries presenting facts, question, and conclusion. – United States Supreme Court. – Great source for international and national news; OnPolitics page offers superb federal page with viewable current Supreme Court docket and happenings within federal government. – National and international news; politics page has good political sites link. – Politics pages offer coverage of campaigns and polls. – News from the world, states, and Washington DC; links to local and state newspapers. – Library of Congress site with legislative information including current legislation and committees. – American Civil Liberties Union site for constitutional issues and current events. – Conservative site for current issues. – Government watchdog site for current issues. – First Amendment website offering news, articles, and commentary. – First Amendment Cyber-Tribune. – Close Up Foundation link to documents and civic sites. – Constitution Society site for research of constitutional principles. – Constitutional Rights Foundation page for current events and constitutional issues. – Current and historical events and documents, including the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and Philadelphia Convention. – Collection of thoughts, opinions, and arguments of the Founders. – Videos and information by Annenberg Media. – The University of Michigan’s political science department, with various resources from laws and cases to think tanks and philosophy. – The Avalon Project at Yale Law School: primary source documents on the US constitution and more. – Founders’ Constitution—a four-volume set of primary sources. – James Madison University’s page on its namesake. – Detailed information on the Constitution – Gordon Lloyd’s website on the Constitutional Convention. – The Center for the Study of the American Constitution, an excellent unit II resource on the ratification of the US Constitution.