Past Events

Select past events are listed below.


Ongoing, 2017
Constitutional Conversations

Five Wednesday evening conversations — including a lecture plus Q&A — with US constitutional and presidential scholar and Alturas President Dr. David Gray Adler.

January 4: The Origins, Rationality, and Viability of the Electoral College: Time for a Change?

January 11: The Virtues and Responsibilities of a Free Press: Constitutional and Democratic Considerations

January 18: The Future of Checks and Balances: Executive Aggrandizement, Legislative Abdication, and the Framers’ Vision

February 1: The Constitution, War Power, and Cyber Warfare in the Age of Terrorism

February 8: The Idaho Case that Changed the Face of Womens’ Rights: Reed v. Reed

February 23: Trump’s Assertion of Absolute Presidential Power and the Founders’ Constitution

March 2: Judicial Independence and the American Tradition

April 12: Trump’s Troubles, etc.

May 10: Alexander Hamilton: Constitutional Architect, Author, and Actor

May 17: Use and Abuse of Alexander Hamilton: The Ten-Dollar Founding Father


January 26, 2017
Annual Idaho Falls Dinner and Lecture

“National Security Mom” with Gina Bennett, a CIA senior counterterrorism expert and author who first warned of the menace of Osama bin Laden.


November 11, 2016
A Historic Election in Review

Alturas President and US presidential scholar Dr. David Adler speaks to the Idaho Falls City Club on topics including Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in historical context, the candidates and the Constitution, impact on the Supreme Court, and what happens next.


Annual event
Conversations with Exceptional Women

Featuring luminaries from the worlds of business, politics and government, literature, film, academia and sports. These extraordinary women will discuss the challenges and success stories that have accompanied their rise in national leadership positions. This event promises a rare opportunity to engage with a range of exemplary leaders in an intimate setting.


Semi-annual event
Constitutional Conversations

David Adler, President of Alturas Institute, who has lectured nationally and internationally on the Constitution, will deliver a five-part series of lectures on the U.S. Constitution.

This lecture series, conducted in partnership with the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls, will be held at the museum, and will run on each consecutive Thursday evening. The public is invited, although seating capacity is limited. Tickets for the lectures will cost $10 per lecture or $40 for all five lectures. Details about the lecture topics will be available soon.
Adler’s scholarly works, including five books about the Constitution and more than 100 articles in the leading journals of his field, have been widely cited, quoted and invoked by the U.S. Supreme Court, both Republicans and Democrats in Congress, the Justice Department, the State Department, U.S. Attorney General, the White House Counsel, and law professors, historians and political scientists. His writings about the Constitution and foreign affairs was prominently featured in Zivotofsky v. Kerry, the landmark foreign policy case delivered this past Term.


November 12, 2015
The Rebirth of Gorongosa

A Conversation & Dinner with Greg Carr & James Byrne

Greg Carr, tech entrepreneur, philanthropist, and celebrated conservationist, will deliver an after-dinner talk about his $40 million, 30-year commitment to restore Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, where humans first glimpsed mountains.
Carr’s restoration of Gorongosa, virtually destroyed by a long civil war, has been featured on CBS’s “60 Minutes” and various international documentaries. In addition, Carr is the subject of a six-part PBS documentary that will be aired in some 450 million homes across the planet. Carr’s long list of humanitarian contributions include the creation of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University.

Carr will be joined by award-winning documentary producer James Byrne, who will discuss the filming and production of the PBS documentary.