Constitutional Conversations

Spring 2016

This lecture series with Alturas President Dr. David Adler was conducted in partnership with the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls and held at the museum. Adler’s scholarly works, including five books about the Constitution and more than 100 articles in the leading journals of his field, have been widely cited, quoted and invoked by the U.S. Supreme Court, both Republicans and Democrats in Congress, the Justice Department, the State Department, U.S. Attorney General, the White House Counsel, and law professors, historians and political scientists. His writings about the Constitution and foreign affairs was prominently featured in Zivotofsky v. Kerry, the landmark foreign policy case delivered this past Term.


March 30: Supreme Court appointments and political pressures


April 6: Harsh political climates and practices


April 13: Threats to civil liberties during times of crisis


April 20: The Federalist Papers


April 27: Chief Justices