A selection of columns on the presidency, Supreme Court, Constitution, and Idaho politics by Alturas President Dr. David Adler.  Unless otherwise noted, all columns were originally published in the Post Register of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Romney’s Rebuke of Trump is Worthy of Emulation (8/25/2017)

Oregon occupation a reminder (2/7/2016)

American democracy at year’s end: may we proceed with confidence? (12/30/2015)

Constitutional and legal arrangements should govern war against ISIS (11/19/2015)

Ready for a female president? (11/3/2015)

In defiance of constitutional principles (10/21/2015)

Remembering Reed v. Reed (10/14/2015)

The struggle for gender equality (9/9/2015)

Opinion/policy gap is threat to representative government (7/3/2015)

The case for civics education (5/17/2015)

Candid, transparent, and non-partisan (5/10/2015)

On their own (2/1/2015)

American Machiavellianism (12/21/2014)

Keeping our nation great (11/27/2014)

Equality vindicated once more (10/17/2014)

Is it good for kids? (10/9/2014)

The necessity of uniformity (9/13/2014)

The optics of presidential golf: a historical dilemma (8/30/2014)

Misleading the citizenry (8/17/2014)

Defining success (8/12/2014)

Symptom of a broken system (1/1/2013)

Finishing the work (12/7/2012)

We all have a stake (11/18/2012)

Roberts’ judicial self (7/1/2012)

Providing a teaching moment (5/20/2012)

Controlled by events (5/6/2012)

Factors to consider (3/21/2012)

Swollen with power (2/19/2012)

Defending the flip (2/12/2012)

Resolutions for Idaho’s citizenry (1/1/2012)

What candidates should know (11/20/2011)

Wielding exceptional influence (10/9/2011)

Lost decade: America since 9/11 (9/10/2011)

At the crossroads (7/17/2011)

Accountability in a republic (6/5/2011)

A decisive action (5/8/2011)

A model of decorum (3/2/2011)

Sowing the seeds of anarchy (2/19/2011)

Old wine in new bottles (1/23/2011)

The week that was (12/9/2010)

Candidates need to make a case (10/20/2010)

A never (9/28/2010)

State and individual rights (9/9/2010)

Big shoes to fill (6/11/2010)

Remembering Vattel’s impact (5/2/2010)

Will Obama change course? (1/11/2009)

I want my country back for Christmas (12/7/2008)

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary presidents (10/26/2008)

What to look for in the next president (8/10/2008)

Celebrate dissent this Fourth (7/3/2008)

The U.S. needs an ethical presidency (5/25/2008)

Candidates and the constitution (4/18/2008)

Our nation is in a constitutional crisis (3/9/2008)

Idaho’s future is on the table (2/1/2008)

Restoring the Constitution (12/23/2007)

The rule of law in decline (11/15/2007)

Crapo can clean up Craig’s miss (10/7/2007)

Tuning up the engine of democracy (5/13/2007)

Bush faces his own Katrina (3/25/2007)

Reining in Bush’s presidency (12/15/2006)