The Alturas Institute is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing civic education, civic engagement, and civil discourse. It is our core belief that an informed citizenry is essential to the health, maintenance, and integrity of the Republic. Toward those ends, the Alturas Institute works independently and collaboratively to facilitate broader understanding, deeper knowledge, and bridges to consensus.

The Alturas Institute, Inc., is a 501(c)(3)  tax exempt non-profit organization funded through several streams of revenue, including donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations, proceeds from conferences and other programs, and contributions from friends of the Alturas Institute.  Donors are invited to contribute by mailing checks to 330 Shoup Ave., Ste. 202, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. See our contact information for further details.


David Adler, President

Board of Directors

Steve Carr, Chairman
Doug Oppenheimer, Treasurer
Clay Morgan, Secretary
Caroline Heldman
Tim Hopkins
Barbara Morgan
Jeff Neiswanger
Mark Young